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Deciding on the best trailer for your moving needs depends on the equipment itself. Get all the trailer equipment you need in one place with Moore Brothers Transport LTD. We have over 130 flatbed trailers ranging from 3 to 5 axels. These are available for pre-load, load and go, or load and drop.
Wide loads, tarps, and special handling are also available!

Extendable trombone trailers

For a trailer that will give you the ability to load from all sides when hauling extra large freight, extendable is your go-to.

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Flatbed Trailers In Inglewood Ontario 01

Updated Equipment

New updated equipment to ensure your load reaches the destinations. The best trailers to deliver your goods securely and on schedule.

Drop deck trailers

Drop deck trailers provide extended clearance for extra-tall hauls. Compared to flatbeds, these trailers provide you with a foot or more of extra clearance for your overheight cargo.

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